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Users Group Meeting Registration: June 5-6, 2017

We now accept payments by cheque, Pay-Pal, and credit cards.

Regardless of your payment option, please email the form below to registration@ccdb2.ca, and indicate which session you wish to attend,
i.e. Db2 or IMS.
Please check the appropriate box if you would be interested in taking a Db2 Certification test.

If you would like to pay on-line via Pay-Pal or credit card, please follow this link: To the section below.

Otherwise, please print and complete this form, and mail with a cheque for the appropriate amount to the address below.
Please make cheques payable to: "Central Canada Db2 Users Group".

Please Note:
Registrations must be received by Friday May 26th, 2017.
Register before May 5th, 2017, to be eligible for our Early Bird draw ($100 Gift Centificate).
Sorry - NO WALK-INS.

Registration Form


Email: registration@ccdb2.ca
Mail: Central Canada Db2 Users Group
25 Hatherton Crescent
Don Mills, Ontario
M3A 1P6
Voicemail: TBD

Pay-Pal Payment

Please note:

  • The "Buy Now" buttons will take you into Pay-Pal.
  • Within Pay-Pal, you will have the option to pay with Pay-Pal (Top) or directly via credit card (Bottom).
  • You do NOT need a Pay-Pal account to pay by credit card.
  • During the payment process, please provide your name, and company name as part of the "Ship to" address.
  • You will be emailed a payment confirmation to the email address you provide.

Make Payment for one or more attendees for 2 Days of Db2 (CDN$350 each):

No. of Attendees

Make Payment for one or more attendees for 1 Day of IMS (CDN$200 each):

No. of Attendees

If you have any problems or questions, please email us at: registration@ccdb2.ca

For more information, please contact: registration@ccdb2.ca
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